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The Black Cat (Ode to the Blue Jay)

June 15, 2016


The Black Cat
(Ode to the Blue Jay)

Blue and free
you soared the skies
and pecked at trees for little worms and bugs

Along came a man
who fed you treats
like you had never tasted before

Cautiously and ambitiously
you weighed, compared, and hid your treats
one day after another

But in the darkness and the shadows
lurked impending doom

It watched, it waited, it struck!
You struggled in anguish and fought for survival!

We will never know
what happened to you, little bird
Did you escape, or did you perish?

Left behind, just a rubble of your blue feathers
and the dolor
of uncertainty.
PERMALINK: http://www.missfd.com/2016/06/15/1997