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When did I become self-aware?

August 1, 2013

August is upon me again. Although I do not remember a specific moment in which I actually became conscious, Iím conditioned to attribute the incidental emergence of the current form of my existence to this period of time. Somehow Iíve established that during this time, I allow myself to drown in evaluating the use Iíve made of my time here (more so now than at other times), and what I have accomplished with my existence so far. As if somehow, in my own interpretation of my presence here, there should be more significance assigned to accomplishments which I may consider to be relevant, than simply the experience of being (what should be deemed worthy of being considered relevant anyway?).

But the more I attempt to conceptualize the significance of my existence, the more I realize that I have absolutely no idea what I am, why I am, or how I am. All I can be certain of at this specific moment in regards to my being is simply that I am, and that during the specific moments in which Iím conscious of my being, the existence of my being is irreversible.
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