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A heartfelt Thanksgiving.

November 22, 2012

I am grateful for having things to be grateful for every single day that I am consciously aware. The Universe has bestowed upon my life innumerable blessings and privileges which I do not take for granted. Even in my darkest moments, I am still fully aware of how incredibly fortunate I am for having even the seemingly most basic comforts in life, such as access to clean water, clean air, and a safe place to sleep in.

As romantic as it may seem to nostalgically think of previous times in which life to some seemed "simpler", I am incredibly grateful to exist during a period of time in which society continues to strive to move forward with its desire to provide justice and well-being for all.

We are far from living in a perfect social system still, but that does not mean that our progress should be taken for granted. As superficial as it may seem to state this, I live in a society in which I am free to have pink hair, dress in black, wear short skirts, and wear corsets because I choose to, and not because I am under any obligation to. Unfortunately, even during current times, there are many who are not free to make even such superficial choices.

It is indeed incredibly heart-breaking and completely disappointing to see some societies during present times, spiraling back towards structures of inequality between the sexes, oppression, and downright barbaric and unjustifiable actions against other human beings. Actions and belief systems which betray the basic principle of respecting and honoring human lives.

Which is why, despite its flaws, I am grateful for the privilege and honor of being an American and of living in The United States of America, a country which separates state and religion and in which despite the passing of laws which we may not always agree with, it still is possible for our voices to be heard, as we still live under a constitution which makes it possible for individuals to appeal for change.
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