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Until this frame of awareness is no longer our reference for reality.

October 11, 2012

Our days within this form of physical manifestation are numbered. Whatever else may or may not be past our time here, is at best, uncertain. Even if it could possibly be so that our departure from this physical plane of manifestation could portend to a continuation of consciousness free of our physical limitations, how free of the chains of our physical illusions are ghosts really, when they may never again physically hold the hand and feel the warmth of those whom they've left behind?

It's a rare opportunity that we have, for a limited time, to share and experience the present moment with others here. Even if it could possibly be so that there may ever be a return by our souls to this plane, past our physical departure, circumstances will never be the same. What we have here is completely ephemeral, every moment rapidly dissolving out of grasp and out of existence, forever.
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