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Do I perceive myself to be trapped within my own consciousness?

March 13, 2012

It's mostly a question regarding the concept of self.

Even if I believe that I am capable of extending my mind's reach beyond physical limitations, the perceptions are still being filtered through my perspective.

I may believe that I am part of everything, connected to everything, the stars, clouds, the wind... but were it not due to the awareness of my own consciousness and my ability to perceive this reality through my own view, would my sense of self still exist outside of this specific manifestation of consciousness? Do I believe that this affects the essence of self that I currently identify with or is it simply enough to know that my existence, in whichever form it manifests, simply is?

*March 19th edit:

The answers to these question became seemingly more attainable to me after experiencing a dream in which I became aware of my consciousness without any physical attachments to my awareness. Once the physical attachments were removed from my awareness in the dream, these were the realizations that followed:

  • My mind is only a filter.

  • My interpretations are only ephemeral reflections of my currently perceived state of consciousness.

  • Under my "current" perspective (which continually changes, but I simply have to filter the ideas as they come), eternal thoughts/ ideas are not within my mind, but simply are.

  • Although eternal ideas are not in my mind but simply are, I may use my current manifestation of mind as a tool to access these.

  • In relinquishing the desire to possess or give my ego any credit for finding the answers within my mind, as if these could belong to me, I am able to let go of superficial notions that keep me from experiencing the essence of truth.
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