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On the subject of paying for music.

September 30, 2011

Music is something that's meant to enrich our lives. It expands our happiness, brings us comfort, inspires us, evokes deeply buried emotions, helps us to appreciate different aspects of our existences during different phases of our lives, and inexplicably reaches us to our very core.

Paying for music nowadays is really a matter of principle. We all know that as soon as an artist releases a new song or album, it becomes available as a free download almost immediately.

Do I condemn free downloads? Absolutely not. If a person already has enough circumstantial life worries to deal with and cannot afford to pay for new music, the music which may bring them comfort when they need it the most, should still be accessible to them.

This being said, as someone who is putting a lot of effort to release new music on my own, I am certainly very grateful to those of you who do choose to support my efforts by contributing through purchasing the physical CDs I've had made (for you!) or by paying for downloads.

I believe in paying the individuals that I work with: photographers, graphic designers, video directors, etc. Amazing photographers, designers, video directors, and other artists shouldn't have to work day jobs that they hate, are terrible at, and which are unrelated to their true talents, just to be able to pay the bills. They should be paid to do what they are best at and enjoy the most, as this allows for the growth of their expressions through their creations. In the end, this allows them to produce better pieces for the rest of us to enjoy as well.

Those of you who pay for my music help me to pay the artists whom I collaborate with, from photographers, to designers whom I ask to design my album artwork, or directors whom I shoot videos with. Your contribution in paying for the music I release helps me to pay for studio time so that I can provide you with better quality recordings, mastering, etc.

Therefore, I just want to say thank you to all of you who are aware of this, and pay for music as a matter of principle, and not out of obligation. It is certainly appreciated.

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