Miss FD Dark Electronic Rock Music

Fires on the Shore - Live at Triton Festival NY.

September 20, 2010

Northborn remix of "Fires on the Shore", live at Triton Festival with END: the DJ, Clint Carney of System Syn, and Miss FD.

The "Fires On The Shore" EP was produced and arranged by END: the DJ featuring the title track with vocals by Assemblage 23, UBERBYTE, System Syn, and Miss FD, with music by Souless Affection.

Alternative versions will be on the EP by Northborne, Shiv-r, Angels On Acid, Nolongerhuman and Erektor.

"Fires on the Shore" will be released through Nilaihah Records later this year as a benefit EP, with proceeds from the release going towards donations to help the Waterkeeper Alliance's Gulf Shore volunteers in their efforts to help save the Gulf, from helping to purchase protective gear and clean-up supplies, to emergency office space and food for disaster-response volunteers. More information about them and further donations can be made at http://www.saveourgulf.org
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