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The missing elements.

September 18, 2010

The moon just told me a (make believe?) story. Although I'm quite aware that it sounds like a story being told by a lunatic, here's my recollection of the tale.

Once upon a time... there was this planet which hadn't been named Earth yet. But it just was.

Now it's important to know, that all living beings in a planet by default, absorb all the properties of that planet (being exposed to the chemical compositions, elements, etc.).

One day, a giant meteor hit the planet that was yet to be named Earth, and a giant chunk of the planet flew out into space, to become the satellite which we now call our Moon.

But see, that chunk of Moon has all these elements and properties which the living beings of the Earth need also, as these were in fact, originally part of the Earth. Except that now all of these elements and properties are so many miles away.

So now, when the sunlight bounces off of the Moon, it picks up little pieces of essence from all these elements we are missing and brings them back to us in packets of moonlight.

The body and psyche naturally absorb the packets of light that are at any time most abundant. And as most of the inhabitants of the Earth are out during the day, they most quickly absorb the packets of light beaming directly from the Sun.

So it is the “mystics” who expose themselves directly to the full Moon’s light who absorb the highest concentration of moonlight, and therefore also absorb the light that is infused with all these elements we are missing that were once part of the Earth.

That is why it is the mystics who are wisest. They’ve absorbed the missing elements.
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