Miss FD Dark Electronic Rock Music

Friday the 13th at Blacklist Bham.

August 19, 2010

Had an absolutely fantastic time this past weekend playing @Blacklist Bham with END: the DJ & DJ MELSTRM, and Static23 joining me on keys.

The crowd was incredibly supportive, which always makes the shows a lot more fun & our hosts/promoters for the show were absolutely awesome (I've been craving a breakfast smoothie all week!).

A few photos from the night, courtesy of DJ MELSTRM.

Miss FD show Static23 MissFD Blacklist Bham show with Static23 END the DJ

END the DJ and MissFD Blacklist Bham Lalalauren and MissFD Blacklist Bham Jon Blacklist Bham Jon Blacklist Bham
PERMALINK: http://www.missfd.com/2010/08/19/363