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"If you only get to do one thing with her when you see her, ask her to play the piano for you", is what he said to me.

June 26, 2010

It was a mission to find a single piano in all of Willemstad today. And although it was made to look like a grand piano, it was actually an electronic piano. So of course, she refused to play it. She would not "degrade herself" to that. 5 minutes, I asked her for. Just 5 minutes. Too hot, too muggy, too much sun in her face, too small a place, too this, to that. But finally, she agreed. The bar was completely empty, so it wasn't difficult to convince the bartender to let her play for 5 minutes since no one was there. And in those 5 minutes, she managed to fill the entire freaking place. With the entire crowd around her requesting one song after the next, 5 minutes turned into 25, until she refused to keep on playing in the heat with sweat running down her face. And during those 25 minutes, the entirety of her insanity became completely irrelevant, making this entire trip completely worth it.

***She says she has no idea what she sounds like playing. Because the only thing that she can concentrate on, is on which finger goes where after the stroke of each key.
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