Miss FD Electronic Industrial Music- Synthwave and Cyberpunk Music


Dark music for dark hearts.

Miss FD is an underground dark electronic music artist, singer, songwriter, producer and performer. The project began in 2009 featuring a unique combination of haunting yet upbeat music, thoughtful lyrics, and mysterious and sensual vocals.

Miss FD's studio albums include Monsters in the Industry released in 2010, followed by Love Never Dies in 2011, Comfort for the Desolate in 2013, and Transcendence in 2018.

Miss FD has recently released several new singles, including three collaboration tracks with Vulture Culture: Ashes of Stars in 2018, Spitfire in 2019, and Faster Than Light in 2020.

Heavily infused with futuristic and cyberpunk elements, Miss FD's most recent releases are her three-song EP Adore released in June 2021, which was inspired by fitness training, flow movement, and pole dance choreography, and the single Your Core, released in November 2021.

2022 saw Miss FD exploring Gobekli Tepe in her new dark pop EP, As Above, So Below, followed by her latest cyberpunk single Menticide.

2023 brings the release of Miss FD's latest cyber-industrial single Distractions.